Selected Discography

Idiot Fish 3, Wally Schnalle, Retlaw Records 2016
Naivasha, John Worley, Dancing Sumo Records 2015
Idiot Fish, Wally Schnalle, Retlaw Records 2014
Live At Yoshi’s, Wally Schnalle, Retlaw Records 2012
Change Coming, Mark Etheridge, Vipaka Records 2012
Out of the Pan, Wally Schnalle, Retlaw Records 2010
Louder Than Your TV, Wally Schnalle, Retlaw Records 2009
Physics & Magic, Wally Schnalle, Retlaw Records 2007
Three, Bill Ireton, BIM Records 2007
Groove Work, Jeff Massanari, Jazz Dog Records 2006
The Suit, Wally Schnalle, Retlaw Records 2005
Still Waters, Catherine Seidel, Open Path Music 2005
Faces, Opie Bellas , Bella Blue Records 2005
Santa Cruz Live Looping Festival Y2K3, Volume Two Percussion etc,
Haas Records 2004
HomeTown Christmas, Jeff Massanari, Jazz Dog Records 2004
Le Petit Trianon Concert, Martan Mann, Jazzical Recordings 2004
It’s All About Love, Jamie Davis, Mark Little Productions 2003
For the Music, Jeff Massanari Trio, Jazz Dog Records 2003
Hip To Jazz, San Jose Jazz Society Educational CD 2003
Many Places, Tim Volpicella. Open Path Music 2003
That Place, Wally Schnalle, Reltaw Records 1999
Go Where It's Dangerous, Jeff Pittson, Vineland Records 1999
John Coltrane: A Remembrance, Suzanne Pittson, Vineland Records 1999
By Any Mode Necessary, Hafez Modirzadeh, XDOT2 1999
Why Do They Call You That ?, Wally Schnalle, Retlaw Records 1997
Crisis At The Theme Park, Dave Ristrim, T.R.S. 1996
(it rhymes), Wally Schnalle, TreeFort Records 1994
Balldesque, John Bliss, SoundShower Record 1994
Suite Norma D., Wally Schnalle, 181 N. First Productions 1990
Live In San Jose, Eddie Gale, Roof Top Records 1988