"Few Bay Area musicians have done more to push fusion in creative directions in recent decades than Schnalle"
Andrew Gilbert, San Jose Mecury News October 2015

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Idiot Fish Critics 

"Ever wonder what would have happened if Josef Zawinul had teamed with  Pat Metheny instead of Wayne Shorter to form Weather Report? I think it would sound a lot like this hot album by drummer Wally Schnalle."
                        Greorge Harris, JazzWeekly
“Idiot Fish” is a dramatic assault on the outposts of fusion who many considered abandoned. In fact, fusion remains alive and kicking on this album with Schnalle and company kicking it hard. Schnalle knows how to write it and this band most assuredly knows how to play it.”
                        Travis Rogers, JazzTimes
“Wally Schnalle has created a new level of sound for the next generation, stunning!”
                        Brent Black, criticaljazz.com
“About as avant garde and creative as jazz gets”
                        Grady Harp, Amazon.com

"Wally Schnalle fuses head and heart like few other musicians working today - making the abstract accessible, the complex communal, and delivering deep, soulful grooves with an effortlessness that belies their often fiercely technical foundations" Dave Constantin, DRUM! Magazine
"Fierce modern jazz chops.." Adam Budofsky , Modern Drummer
Lightning fast licks, sleight-of-hand stickwork or pummeling power displays—Wally Schnalle is capable of doing all those things and more. What sets him apart from the pack, however, is his unerring musicality, his ability to make his drums speak in multiple tongues—fluently. Most importantly, he is committed to musical growth.” Nicky Baxter, The Metro, San Jose, California
“Schnalle grooves with grit and grace.....Schnalle’s quartet is awesome.” Chuck Berg ,JazzTimes
“this is major league jazz played with verve, dedication and a whole lot of talent.” Dick Bogle, The Skanner, Seattle/Portland
“Sultry and seductive, these percussion based tunes are sly and tricky.” Babysue, Atlanta
“Schnalle is a serious force on drums. He plays with terrific energy and the kind of controlled abandon needed to propel his hard- driving compositions.” Joel Roberts AllAboutJazz.com
“Schnalle is a powerful drummer who can get in tight behind a soloist and enhance without getting in the way.”Robert Tate, JazzNow
“One of the few drummers that can drive around all sides of the beat.” The Davis Enterprise, Davis, California 

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Previous events


SJZ Collective Taiwan Tour

 —  —

Taichung Jazz Fest and more

Wally Schnalle/Frank Martin

Cafe Pink House, Saratoga, CA

Special evening with Frank Martin Keys and Wally Schnalle Drums and electronics. BIG FUN



San Jose Jazzz Summer Fest


Eugenie Jones

San Jose Jazz Summer Fest

SJZ Collective

San Jose Jazz Summer Fest

Wally Schnalle Quintet

Cafe Stritch, So 1st Street, San Jose

Tod Dickow Sax Frank Martin Piano Hristo Vitchev Guitar Dan Robbins Bass Wally Schnalle Drums

Wally Schnalle Quintet

Cafe Stritch, 374 South 1st Street, San Jose

Big Fun with a great group of musicians. I can't wait to play with these guys

Tod Dickow Sax Jeff Massanari Guitar Murray Low Piano Peter Barshay Bass and me hitting stuff

Its gonna be a blast



Wally Schnalle ANd SJZ Summer Camp Faculty Concert

Cafe Pink House, 14577 Big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA

Please join us atthe beautiful Cafe Pink House as we perform in celebration of the 2017 San Jose Jazz Summer Camp. Members of or excellent faculty will be performing to help spread about our camp this year. This year's camp will be held June 19-30 at Valley Christian High School and our special guest artist will be pianist Taylor Eigsti. If you know an aspiring young musician in middle or high school please go to: https://sanjosejazz.org/summer-jazz-camp/ for more info. Registration is open now! And early bird discount contiunes until the end of April Performing on 5/19 will be John L. Worley Jr Kat Parra Hristo Vitchev Dave Martell Marcus Wolfe Nichole Boaz Noriyuki Ken Okada Wally Schnalle


Idiot Fish 3 Ground Hog Day Concert

Kuumbwa Jazz Center, 320 Cedar St, Santa Cruz

We start the year on Ground Hog Day, February 2 @ 7pm with Idiot Fish 3 at Kuumbwa, one of the most prestigious venues clubs in Northern California. We would love to have you start our year with us as we perform new and old Idiot Fish material!

“Wally Schnalle's Idiot Fish traverses the balance between inspired composition and creative improvisation. An intrepid drummer and composer, Schnalle's music sits on the cutting edge of the post-fusion movement, weaving attractive melodies and harmonies around earthy grooves and ethereal electronica. His group, Idiot Fish 3 features the astute musicianship of guitarist Hristo Vitchev and bassist Dan Robbins. At times the trio evokes the heady musical collaborations of fusion icons Bill Bruford and Allan Holdsworth, yet, they have developed and pursue a uniquely impressive sonic imprint of their own design.”

From Kuumbwa’s website…

“Idiot Fish” is a dramatic assault on the outposts of fusion who many considered abandoned. In fact, fusion remains alive and kicking on this album with Schnalle and company kicking it hard. Schnalle knows how to write it and this band most assuredly knows how to play it.”

Travis Rogers, JazzTimes

“Wally Schnalle employs the latest computer/music technology to a dream he has been striving to realize for decades of achieving harmonic content as well as other sounds emanating from his usual acoustic drum set. Intriguing compositions, virtuosic soloists and cutting edge tech come together to create an intriguing musical experience. And live Idiot Fish shows include a host of projected visuals to enhance the aural experience. Many of these are audio reactive in real time to Schnalle’s electro/acoustic drum set.”

Grady Harp, Amazon

Wally Schnalle Quintet Salutes Art Blakey

Cafe Stritch, 374 South 1st Street, San Jose

What an honor to play this great music with this wonderfull ensemble.

Charles Mcneal - Sax Joel Behrman - Trumpet David Udolf - Piano Ron Belcher - Bass Wally Schnalle - Drums

We will be playing the whole Moanin' album and a few other Blakey favorites of mine.